Get to Know Lisa McClain


A Tough, Practical & Ethical Approach to Congress

 I am a Conservative Outsider with a proven success record as a business leader, and that is EXACTLY what Congress needs.  My goal is to restore the quality of life to the citizens of Michigan. 

  •  I will work to support a dynamic U.S. economy, where thriving businesses create jobs and opportunity. 
  • I will work to ensure a strong national defense and effective law enforcement that balances liberty and safety – instead of ineffective authoritarianism which puts freedom and security at risk.
  • I believe in the role of government as a force for good. It can, and should, uphold and protect its citizens’ lives, liberty and property
  • I believe that government should be closer to the people, not further away. The more we trust people, the stronger we, and society become. 
  • I will always provide the citizens of Michigan with honest and ethical representation.

Lisa McClain - Personal Background

Personal Background

  • Married to her husband Mike for nearly 20 years.
  • Grew up in Stockbridge, a farming community in Michigan
  • Three Sport High School Athlete
  • Worked on a horse farm cleaning stalls
  • Graduated high school early while working full time at Dart Container
  • Earned an associates degree from Lansing Community College
  • Earned a BBA in Business from Northwood University
  • Coaches daughter’s softball team 2010-Present
  • Completed the 2009 Detroit Marathon
  • Holds various securities licenses 7,63,6, 24, LA/H, VC ChFC 1999 (Chartered Financial Consultant)
  • CLU 2000 (Chartered Life Underwriter) 








  • Senior Vice President, $7.2 Billion in Assets
  • President, Hantz Associates
  • Recruited, trained, managed Advisors
  • Obtained SERA and ASEM contracts
  • Registered Advisor of Hantz Tax & Business
  • Obtained a Bank Charter
  • 40,000 planning clients
  • One of the fastest growing businesses in MI


American Express/Ameriprise

  • Promoted to District Manager before the age of 30
  • Helped lead her district team from #144 to #1 in the Nation - out of 148 Districts.
  • Helped lead her division to attain a billion dollars in annual sales - first time in American Express/ Ameriprise Division history





  • NEST  (North End Support Team)  President, 501-C that supports 43-B Drug Court  (4 years)
  • MCREST  (Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team) Supporter & Host, helps homeless people with food and shelter.
  • Thrilla at the Villa - Board Member, raised over $1 million for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hantz Foundation - Member, focuses on community transformation within one square mile of Detroit’s east side neighborhood 
  • Lisa's Ongoing Philanthropy There are numerous organizations that Lisa continues to support, volunteering time, serving on committees, organizing volunteers and events,  fundraising. and personally donating.